Facing Sobriety :: The Clinging Residue of Addiction

1918669_320356660061_3173326_nThis episode was inspired my guest, Ryan McCormick from the A Fireside Chat episode Tripping In Suburbia : Tales of My Former Drug Life where Ryan talks about the impact drugs has had on his life over the years, along with fascinating stories of when he would smoke pot and do acid. I wanted to get together with him for this episode and make this a user friendly guide to people who may have never experienced hallucinogenic drugs, to really break it down in a way that is relate able. We also talk about our personal issues took over and drugs became an escape in our lives from things we were trying to avoid. This is not by any means a PSA to never touch drugs, nor am I promoting drug use, these are just our stories and our experiences. Thanks for listening and look for part 2 coming soon.






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