Feminism vs. Drugs vs. Race vs. Power

jjjjI love this episode, this is part 1 of our round-table discussion where my guests Annie, Ian Sharpley from McSoss & Party & BS and Ryan McCormick fromA Fireside Chat discuss our thoughts on feminism, Lena Dunham, the way sex appeal is marketed to women, why it’s fun to chase people who are “unattainable” and we get into a great discussion about why men think it’s so easy for women to get laid vs men. We also talk about what kids are doing do get high and discuss scenarios if drugs were legal. And, as always, we bring it back around with our final thoughts on feminism, and they might not be what you’re thinking. Stay tuned for Part 2 going up next weekend. Thank you so much for listening, this podcast is made possible because of the amazing listeners. Enjoy!






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