Faye Donaya Haymond


Faye contacted me through an ad I posted on Craigslist for new guests for the show. We met up last weekend by “Dippy” the Dinosaur in Oakland and discussed the novels she has written along with her bipolar disorder. Faye’s pen name is her middle name, “Donaya”. This was one of my favorite interviews because she was so open and interesting to talk to. You can tell she has experienced some great things already, at the young age of 23, and speaking with her felt like I was gaining insight and wisdom to some of my own relate able tendencies.

In part 1 we uncover some of her first experiences in realizing her bipolar disorder, trying to explain it to her parents, and quickly being treated and put on medication. Faye also goes into some of her manic episodes and how all of this has affected her personal relationships through life. We also get into her “heterosexual phase” (as she calls it) and she shares the inspiring story of coming out to her parents. I gained a whole new perspective on people with mental health issues when she spoke about her 3 week stay in a psychiatric ward and having to be on a precise amount of lithium to be stable. This was such a fascinating conversation, I know you’re going to absolutely fall in love with Faye. Look for part 2 going up next week.






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