Primal Soup for the Soul


Today on the show I have first time guest, Casey, and returning guest, Annie. Casey is a 35 year old father raising an 8 year old daughter on his own through the week. We talk about some of the things he is facing with her needing her first bra and all of the things young girls experience. Casey talks about his separation from his wife and how that has affected him towards the end of this part. We also talk about how we first learned about sex. Casey tells a great story about his first time masturbating at 11 with a friend in a bunk bed and how that may have led him into his bisexual lifestyle. He also talks about how difficult it is to meet people and where to meet people.

Casey spent a couple years of his life being a puppeteer and traveling the US and even lived out of his car when he was a door-to-door salesman. We talk a lot about art in this episode, what it means to us, the standards we hold for our art, how drugs can affect art and the importance of having some kind of outlet in your life to release the things we hold onto. Both Casey & Annie were very open through this conversation and I think you will find a lot of it very relate able. There were some audio issues through this, but I think I fixed most of them so it’s not enough to effect the episode. You can see more of Casey on YouTube in his “Primal Soup” pieces. Thanks for listening! See you next week with Part 2.






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