Millions of Media Monkeys


Scott & I became friends through our local punk scene as kids. We reconnected to promote his new blog Millions of Media Monkeys and shoot the shit. Everything from retail jobs with shitty customers to the seedy underbelly of driving truck for a living. Scott is an excellent story teller and does a great job of portraying the truck stop prostitutes, ridiculous driving schedule and the disturbing way animals are transported for our consumption. This episode starts in as we are discussing the shooting of Marilyn Peterson in Oil City, almost a year ago exactly. A 68 year old disabled woman who was killed by police. This story is going to blow you away. Scott recounts the story and his role in bringing awareness to this situation, along with some other horrifiying stories about the local police department. This is a highly entertaining episode that I know you will love. Look for part 2 going up next week!






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