Diary of the Saddest, Whitest Girl

f2b9d1_0e47a819a86e4818b0e9094c94b78280It’s a special F-Black-Friday-in-the-A episode as I share my final diary entries from my youth. I’m a little bummed that this will be the final installment, but if you enjoy these diary readings, you should definitely check out my other podcast “Thoughts from the top of a Ferris Wheel” in iTunes, Stitcher or Libsyn. It’s basically the same kind of stories, except a bit more grown up. Just slightly. This final episode has me talking about all of my crushes, Punk Prom, getting drunk and hating my parents. I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have enjoyed being humiliated in them. Again, most of the names have changed to protect the innocent. Thanks for listening!






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