The Fundamentals of Connection :: Week One :: Hide & Seek

Gw8WhY1451522293This first week is all about EXPLORING. Becoming aware of thought patterns and recognizing shame are key fundamentals of connection. Before we  jump all in, I want to try to find some warmth in this area. It’s the part of ourselves we tend to close off because it can be too difficult to sit in the wound. We would rather just toss a band-aid over it and hope for a rapid heal time. At least, that was always my quick fix. Sitting in it and actually allowing it to seep in is scary at first, until you realize that it’s all a lie that you’ve been telling yourself over years and years of practice. But the cool thing is that you can reverse that noise! It takes some time and lots of practice, but once you get it, YOU GET IT.

The Fundamentals of Connection Course






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