Fright Night Drive



We are joined by Ryan McCormick from “A Fireside Chat” for this very special Halloween episode! Ryan and I decided to take a drive to a couple of local haunts and discuss urban legends we heard about when we were kids. We start out looking for the McCrory farm, better known as “The Gates of Hell” to locals. Then we move on to Hankey Cemetery where Ryan gets into some of the things he experienced there when he was younger with his friends. Some weird stuff happens throughout the trip and my phone picks up some unexplained noises towards the end of the episode when we are in the cemetery. So turn out all the lights and¬†join us in our Fright Night Drive! Thanks for listening and Happy Halloween!

PS. Make sure you check out this awesome read submitted by Larry Kress about his experience at Green Man Tunnel!

McCrory Farm aka The Gates of Hell


Hankey Cemetery

I lightened these photos because they were super dark. We didn’t notice these red dots that show up in the photos while we were there. Most likely just something from the camera… or is it????

You can check out video footage from the trip to Hankey Cemetery here.







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