It’s Personal

Ryan McCormick (host of A Fireside Chat) and I sat down this morning to have an open discussion about the state of the nation. We talk about our fears, frustrations and what to do next. This is a message of hope for EVERYONE. There will be no more hatefulness, name calling or intolerance coming from us. This is an opportUNITY. Thanks for listening.






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2 thoughts on “It’s Personal”

  1. Thank you!!! These kinds of discussions are sooooo important!

    I think that one of the things you two touched on really needs to be better understood:

    Racism, xenophobia, and sexism have existed in America forever. It still exists. Obviously. But, the black population tried to tell us this. The LGBT communities tried to explain it to us. Muslims tried to tell us… but most white, Anglo-Saxon Americans didn’t listen.

    Now, it’s much more obvious because these hateful people are feeling empowered by Trump’s position.

    It’s really time to start listening now, more than ever.

    Of all things, this funny/not funny clip from the Seth Meyers Show really puts things into perspective:

    “Just live your lives, right in their faces…”

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